Starting Location

945 Leidesdorff St
Folsom, CA 95630

45 minutes
Always Open
any age

First Location


Joseph Folsom Plaque


To get to your first pin, Here’s a hint to where you need to head. You’re not moving toward shops, but towards some train tracks instead. Once you are at your location, look for the granite column with a plaque for Joseph Folsom for whom Folsom was named.
treasure hunt image

Historic Sutter Street



A tale of fire! Come explore the hidden gems of Sutter Street. Learn the history behind the buildings that date back to the 1800s.


Nancy Fun way to learn a little history
Evan Fun to learn a little bit of history of the fun spots we know and love!
aaron Legit tour!!!! Learned a lot, and got to meet some fun people along the way.


# Points Name
1 41 Nancy
2 40 Nancy
3 40 Annie
4 39 Judy